All of the Trauma Center games (two on DS and two for Wii) have been fun, but they needed to change the formula a little more in order to suck more people into things and keep the faithful fans intrigued. Atlus conducted a survey months ago that led you to believe that major changes would come to the series, and that those who played the games would be helping to shape what direction it took. Now we have more to show for it than just the picture of Nurse Angie in a bikini that was sent out to those who took the survey, as Atlus details their next Trauma game, Trauma Team, in this new video.

It’s a behind-the-scenes video meant to tell you about some of the changes, like the fact that you no longer work exclusively in surgery. You will control multiple doctors working in different areas, which should help keep the gameplay fresh and bring in all new sorts of fun that the other four titles in the series never got to.

Sadly, details are still scarce about the game at this time, as it isn’t due out until spring of 2010. You can still see, even in this short video, that a lot more is going on. There was endoscopy, orthopedics, first response aid, diagnosis, surgery, and forensics, which is a huge change from before. The adjustments they have made to storytelling are also a big change for me, as the previous means of telling a story worked, but could have also dealt with some tweaks and improvements. What do you think about how different this looks? Excited? Upset? Let us know.

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