It’s never been more important to be part of the “in” and the “Big Brother” contestants are realizing it’s more difficult to fit in than they thought it would be. Ultimately, Braden was this week’s outcast and was sent packing during the live eviction Thursday night.

The first week in the “Big Brother” house has come to an end, but not without the house guests making enemies and forming alliances. Tensions built and tempers flared as the cliques got to know each other. And the house became split down the middle.

Jesse nominated off-beat Lydia and brainy Chima in the season’s first nomination ceremony. But those nominations soon changed on Tuesday after the power of veto competition. In the competition, contestants had to pop huge pimples and attempt to spell the longest word with tiles they pulled from a gooey substance. Russell won, giving the athletes their second win in one week. Making a deal with Russell, Lydia managed to get herself off the eviction block. Jesse chose the “popular” Braden as a replacement nominee, sending shock waves through the house. Although Braden’s clique fought to keep him in the house, it wasn’t enough. With a vote of five to five, head of household Jesse made the tie breaking decision that sent Braden out the door.

The live head of household competition took place Thursday night after the eviction. The athletes were not lucky enough to take three out of three, and were taken down by the brains. The persuasive Ronnie now holds the title of head of household, leaving the house guests and the viewers wondering which side he’ll choose.

It’s just one week into season 11 and already house guests are “playing the game” and stirring things up. And the host, Julie Chen, revealed there could be another blast from “Big Brother” past returning to surprise the houseguests. Watch this Sunday to see why they’re returning to the house.

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