As if things weren’t strange enough in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 3, now you have to contend with a crashed UFO. The good news is that you can now exploit alien technology while you run around snooping through people’s drawers, stealing their beer and soaking up their radiation. If given the opportunity, I would vote yes at every developer meeting that involved a discussion of whether or not to include an Alien Deatomizer, Disentegrator, and Hive Cannon (I mean, Hive Cannon just sounds like it will make things blow up). It doesn’t hurt that Bethesda is also promising a few new sets of armor for you, like a Gemini-era Spacesuit and Samurai garb.

As you can see in the screens, stumbling upon this crashed spaceship grants you access to something much larger. We’ll have more info for you as Bethesda unveils it, and eventually a review of this latest batch of DLC.

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