With the anticipation leading up to the midnight release of the “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” movie, Blast can’t help but be a little nostalgic. After much deliberation and discussion with other avid Potter fans, we’ve collected the Top 10 moments leading up to, and including “HBP.”

It’s hard to compile a list of best moments while excluding “Deathly Hallows” but at least we know the best is yet to come. Beware, however, because there are definitely some major “Half Blood Prince” spoilers on the way.

10. Wizard Chess

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” took us into an intensely magical world, coexisting unknown next to our own. The game of life-sized wizard chess that Harry, Ron, and Hermione take on showed us how awesome, and how dangerous, this magic could be. We also get to see Ron take charge for the first time, proving that he has his own strengths alongside Hermione and Harry.

9. Ron, Fred, and George Rescue Harry from the Dursleys

Leave it to the Weasley twins to start off “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” with a bang. Always good for a laugh, the twins show that they’re also reliable when it comes down to it, and they’ve come to help their little brother Ron save Harry from the mistreatment he receives at the Dursley’s house via enchanted flying car. After pulling Harry into the car, they proceed to cause a flustered Uncle Vernon to fall out the window from holding onto Harry’s ankles. There’s something both satisfying and really hilarious about seeing the Dursleys get what they deserve.

8. Basilisk Battle *slight spoilers*

There are a ton of awesome things about this scene from “The Chamber of Secrets” most easily seen from the end of the series. First of all, those Basilisk fangs, or the knowledge of how they can be used, are going to be immensely useful to Harry later on. Secondly, Harry just unknowingly destroyed the first Horcrux — Tom Riddle’s (Voldemort’s) cursed journal. Not to mention that Fawkes came and saved the day bringing the Sorting Hat containing Gryffindor’s sword. Oh, the foreshadowing.

7. The Weasley Twins Leave Hogwarts

The twins: you’ve got to love them. Even though we didn’t get the satisfaction of seeing fireworks spelling “POO” floating into the sky outside Hogwarts, the movie version of “Order of the Phoenix” did not disappoint in regards to Fred and George’s epic send-off. Umbridge’s horror at the enchanted firework dragon chasing her out of the Great Hall and seeing that “W” traced into the night sky lightened the mood for a bit in a decidedly dark portion of the series.

6. Sirius Black Falls into the Veil

Ever since Potter fans met Sirius, they loved him. J.K Rowling herself once admitted she was a little concerned about the reception she would receive at killing off the much loved character. When Harry first discovered that Sirius was his godfather, it was impossible not to hope that Harry could finally have some sort of family; however, with Sirius on the run, Harry had to settle for long-distance communication with his godfather — not that it wasn’t valued. Everyone was crushed to lose him in “Order of the Phoenix.”


Harry starts showing some serious skill here. Not only does he cast an extremely powerful spell, but he does it while watching himself and his godfather die. Not knowing that another version of himself is across the shore, Harry believes that his father has somehow saved him and Sirius from the mass of dementors, recognizing the stag-shaped Patronus. Of course, besides the enormity of the spell Harry casts, the scene in the movie “Prisoner of Azkaban” is absolutely and frighteningly awesome.

4. Rebirth of Voldemort

Oh, Snape! Voldemort’s return undoubtedly belongs somewhere in the Top 5 moments of “Harry Potter.” The movie lives up to the eerie descriptions written in “The Goblet of Fire” and seeing them come to life on screen was huge. Harry witnesses the return of his (and pretty much everyone else’s) enemy, made possible by his own blood. He then gets a good look at the identity of a few Death Eaters, confirming some long-standing suspicions, and fights the Dark Lord himself. Sure, he has a little bit of help, but his quick return to the Triwizard Tournament with the body of his fallen mate, Cedric, is more important than sticking around Tom Riddle Senior’s grave and fighting an impossible battle at the moment with You-Know-Who.

3. Sectumsempra: Harry shanks Draco *spoiler*

Unless you’re a self-proclaimed Slytherin, chances are you’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter have hated each other from the very beginning, and seeing them duel with no restrictions on screen in “Half Blood Prince” will be great (especially if you’re ready to see Malfoy put in his place). Of course, in the book, we know it gets a little out of control when Harry casts a spell he doesn’t understand, and cuts Draco wide open with some serious Dark Magic. He immediately regrets it, realizing he’s gotten in over his head, but the audience is still left with the thrill of knowing what Harry is capable of. This scene has some serious promise for the film.

2. Wizard Duel

Everyone has always understood that Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore must be an exceptional wizard to be the headmaster of Hogwarts. What no one had gotten to see up until this point in “Order of the Phoenix” is Dumbledore prove it. Of course the duel was awesome to read about, but seeing Dumbledore and Voldemort duke it out on screen was out of this world. After all, Dumbledore is the only one Voldemort has ever feared, and this scene revealed exactly why.

1. Snape Kills Dumbledore *extreme spoiler!*

For those who aren’t expecting it, and for those who are, this scene on film is sure to be the most important moments so far in the “Harry Potter” series. For those audience members who haven’t read the books, it will be a huge blow, and we’re sure it will still be an emotional moment for those who have. Even if you know why it’s happening, it doesn’t take away the tragedy of losing Dumbledore, the most trustworthy, knowledgeable, and powerful wizard Harry has on his side. From here on out, Harry is more or less on his own.

We can only hope that “The Half Blood Prince” lives up to our wildly high expectations. What moments from the six movies out so far do you believe should be on this list?

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  1. Vandana

    I am a self-proclaimed Slytherin and I was still excited to see Draco Malfoy get magically shanked! That was a very awesome scene, although I wish they had played more on Harry’s absolute horror at what he’d done. Dan’s face just looked too…. I dunno, maybe they were just having a case of the giggles off camera, but it was like he was almost smiling, not grimacing. Harry was absolutely horrified that the spell from his beloved Half-Blood Prince was, in fact, dark magic and that he’d caused, even if it was Draco, a great deal of pain.

    I was also hoping to see Dumbledore put the Dursley’s in their proper place, but alas… 🙂 no such luck! Nice article, Liz!


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