Dragon Quest VIII released on the Playstation 2, which ended up being the best-selling console of all-time. Dragon Quest IX was slated for the Nintendo DS, which has its own plans of blowing away any numbers that the Playstation 2 was proud of. Those numbers aren’t limited to total number of systems sold either, as these latest software numbers show. Dragon Quest VIII sold 2.23 million copies in its first week of release in Japan, which is pretty impressive–we’re talking about a series that is more popular than Final Fantasy in its native land. Dragon Quest IX though, outsold Dragon Quest VIII’s first week with 2.34 million sales. The difference being that Dragon Quest IX has been out for just two days.

The next installment, Dragon Quest X, is slated to be developed and released on the Nintendo Wii, putting the game back into living rooms and out of your pocket. At least Dragon Quest IX has shown that you can sell the game in the latter format, even with a sequel in the numbered part of the series.

Hat tip to Kotaku for this eye-opening bit of morning number-crunching.

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