In the media frenzy created yesterday over word that Zoo New England might be shuttered in sweeping state budget cuts, rampant speculation rose over the fate of the animals that live at the Stone Zoo and Franklin Park Zoo.

People immediately started accusing the zoos of planning to kill its animals.

“There are no plans for the Zoo to euthanize any animals in the collection as a result of the budget cuts,” Zoo New England said in a statement through its PR firm.

“IF the Zoos were to close to the public and control of the Zoos reverted back to the Commonwealth (as described in Massachusetts General Law 92B), it would take 2-3 years to place as many of the Zoos’ animals as possible in other facilities, and it would not be possible to place an estimated 20 percent of them. Under this scenario, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts – NOT Zoo New England – would be faced with the prospect of choosing between two options for the animals that could not be placed: caring for these animals for many years to come or euthanizing them.”

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  1. Sam KraPee

    Well, that’s like Bayer saying we didn’t kill the Jews by making gas, the Germans did. If you can’t care for animals, don’t stick them in cages.

  2. Allen Nyhuis

    It would truly be sad if a great city like Boston (and a great state like Massachusetts) were unable to have its own zoo. I really, really think someone has their priorities wrong there. The children (and animal-loving adults) of Boston need a good zoo to go to! For now, they have the Franklin Park Zoo — a place I’ve been to a few times. Every time I’ve gone, I’ve enjoyed myself. Its Tropical Rain Forest building is one of the nation’s best indoor jungles. If funds truly are a problem, I would suggest closing the Stone Zoo and keeping Franklin Park open.

    Allen Nyhuis, Coauthor: America’s Best Zoos


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