Some things slipped out of E3 relating to the storyline of Mass Effect 2, the sequel to the hit Xbox 360 and Windows PC RPG, that maybe not everyone wanted to know. Maybe there was a little too much information for some people’s liking, as far as major plot points and such go. Then again, for some people, it just made them want more. For that second group, EA has sent over a post-E3 video detailing many of these points, so now you can see it for yourself. You’ve been warned though, so no complaints about spoilers. For the first group, we have some screens for you, which are spoiler free assuming you don’t get uppity when a single polygon from a forthcoming game is seen in advance.

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  1. Machete

    Mass effect trilogy is not exclusive to Xbox 360. It would be descrace to bioware and the game

  2. DT

    The Mass Effect franchise isn’t exclusive to Microsoft so EA can develop games set in the ME universe and make them for the PS3 but there IS an exclusivity deal with Microsoft for ME2 although whether this is permanent or temporary it remains to be seen. And ME1 will definitely never go to the PS3…not now that the price was taken down to $20. That makes me happy. Sony doesn’t deserve RPGs because as a company it never lifted a finger to bring their gamers a single PS3 only RPG or even an exclusive DLC for a great RPG. Until Sony drops the nonsense and start making their own lineup of amazing RPGs their console shouldn’t get anything at all.


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