We kinda owe one to Kristen Stewart after we took part in the media storm gossiping about her almost certainly not true pregnancy.

The young actress is getting lots of publicity lately for something besides “Twilight,” the biopic “The Runaways,” where she supposedly shares a passionate kiss with 15-year-old darling Dakota Fanning, who plays Cherie Currie.

What do you guys think of Kristen as Joan Jett? What do you think of her kissing Dakota Fanning?

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  1. Shaun

    I’m sold. I think Kristen will do a nice job as Joan Jett. She deserves an award just for cutting her hair like Joans. That would suck to have Joan Jett hair.

  2. Dom

    Kristen will be amazing as Joan Jett. She has put her all into this movie, even cutting her beautiful hair to play the part. How many actresses would not do that and actually wear a wig? Many. Plus shes an amazing actress, and I’m sure she will pull this role off.


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