Movie ticket website Fandango is reporting that some 500 screens are already sold out on its site for Harry Potter and the Half-BLood Prince, which opens Tuesday at midnight.

“There’s considerably more interest in the Half-Blood Prince because of pent-up anticipation from moviegoers originally expecting to see it last November,” said Rick Butler, Chief Operating Officer of Fandango. “Fans have been literally waiting two years for this installment.”

Fandango also reports that the latest Harry Potter film is the fastest-selling title of 2009, with 65 percent of its daily ticket sales, beating Bruno, which opens tomorrow.

Surveying customers, Fandango also found out some interesting facts about Harry Potter fans:

  • 82 percent have viewed Half-Blood Prince trailers or clips online.
  • 52 percent said they found the story’s darker elements most appealing, while 15 percent picked the romance and 9 percent picked the comic, lighter elements.
  • 48 percent selected Emma Watson as the Potter lead actor most likely to become a major movie star in the next five years, while only 9 percent picked Rupert Grint and 43 percent picked Daniel Radcliffe.

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  1. Kendra

    I love harry Potter with all of my heart! It is so much better than stinky Twilight!


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