For those of you who can’t get enough of hunky Grey’s star, Patrick Dempsey, (and are tired of hearing about MJ) here’s something to drool over: ‚ McDreamy isn’t just good-looking – he’s pretty too. ‚ And he’s also supporting Nike’s Livestrong campaign against cancer. ‚ Great, whatever, just as long as we get a video of him. ‚ Wait, do we get a video of him?!?! ‚ Chill out, of course we do.

McDreamy and actor Evan Handler (whoever that is) are new to the Livestrong cast. ‚ In addition to Lance Armstrong and some other athletes we don’t recognize, McDreamy and Handler are spreading Nike’s new campaign slogan, “It’s about you.” ‚ As in, Lance wins the Tour de France, now what can you do to help fight cancer?

Well, for starters, you can watch this video and maybe go buy an armful of trendy yellow bracelets.

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