According to E! Online, Lindsay Lohan is being accused of stealing the formula for her Sevin Nyne line of spray tanning products.

Lohan was questioned in June in regard to jewelry missing from her photo shoot with Elle magazine. Now, Florida chemist Jennifer Sunday filed a lawsuit with the U.S. District Court in Tampa that claims Lohan and tanning expert Lorit Simon of stealing her formula for spray-on tanner.

Sunday said that a deal existed with Simon’s company, but there was never an agreement to sell the recipe of 11 herbs and spices to Lohan and Simon. Marcia Cohen, attorney for Sunday, said to E!, “It was initially envisioned [Sunday] would manufacture the product and ship out the spray to Ms. Simon’s company. Now we see Ms. Lohan taking credit for having created Ms. Sunday’s formula and product.”

Officially, the charges are listed as breach of contract, theft of trade secrets, civil conspiracy, intentional interference with contractual relations and deceptive and unfair trade practices.

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