If you thought you were satisfied with your sex life, you were wrong.‚  A new survey found that Boston ranks 10th out of 10 major US cities in sexual satisfaction. But it’s not all bad news.

Trojan’s States of Pleasure Survey found that when it comes to getting it on, Boston ranks ahead of Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

So what’s the problem? It seems we prefer quantity over quality. Trojan is attempting to raise the pleasure factor with Trojan Ecstasy,‚  a new condom that will up the‚  “sexual pleasure and satisfaction quotient” in America.

The survey also found that‚  over half of all men and women wish they were having MORE sex and a whopping 71 percent of Americans are looking to increase their satisfaction.

To end on a not-so-happy note, one in three Americans are dissatisfied with their sex lives. So next time your significant other praises your – ahem – talents, blow him or her away with that stat and cross your fingers…or get a FREE Trojan Ecstasy condom here.

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