For those of you that have checked out either Bit.Trip BEAT or any of the Art Style games, this week’s Nintendo Download has to looking good. First, we have the second in a six-game series with Bit.Trip CORE on WiiWare (here’s our interview with the developers, if you missed it), along with Bust-A-Move Plus! and Heracles Chariot Racing. While the initial 135 stages in Bust-A-Move Plus! cost 600 points, there are another two packs that equal 270more‚  puzzles, awaiting your download as add-ons. That’s a whole lot of Bust-A-Move, for those so inclined.

There’s one title on the Virtual Console side, with California Games from the Commodore 64 library. The sports available are the kinds of things you would expect from an 80s game based on California, dude.

Last, on DsiWare, we’ve got another Art Style, with Art Style: Base 10. It sounds like some kind of Sudoku take-off with a different style of gameplay, so I’m willing to give it a shot. I’m used to Art Style games hurting my brain in a good way, so why not one more? If you would rather race, Gameloft, who supports the WiiWare service almost as much as Nintendo, has Asphalt 4: Elite Racing for you on the DSi.

Official press releases after the jump. Picking anything up this week? We’ll have reviews for Bit.Trip CORE and Art Style: Base 10 for you soon.

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