lightupguitarThe last time we threw a party, we pulled out our plastic Guitar Hero controller and absolutely shredded “Free Bird” on Expert in an attempt to make our ex-girlfriend jealous of what she left behind. However, the skinny hipster dude that she brought told us that if we wanted any real respect, we would need to get our hands on a real guitar. They proceeded to make out together when everyone should have been watching our solo. We then went to go cry in a corner.

The thing is, while we can learn to play just about any video game, the skill to actually play a real guitar has always proved a bit elusive to us “" we played the French horn in high school after all.

However, the time has come when Guitar Hero meets a real guitar. Fretlight is a guitar manufacturer that makes a series of acoustic and electric guitars “" you know, the ones with strings “" that have built in LED lights on the fret board that show you where to put your fingers to actually play notes, chords, and even music. This essentially makes learning to play a guitar as easy as learning to play Guitar Hero.

Fretlight also publishes free Mac and PC compatible software with lessons to teach you the basics and songs to let you show off your skills. There’s also a plugin for Garage Band, and a number of third party software programs available to expand your repertoire.

We’ve got ours in the mail right now, and we’ll be practicing all month. Check back later to see if we were able to build the skills to win the ex back.

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