Now that the Fourth of July holiday weekend is behind us, I wanted to let you know that we will have plenty of coverage for you here this week at Blast. Sure, the start of the summer lull in game releases is upon us, but there are still plenty of games worth a look on the way, and we’ll have plenty of supplemental content for you as well.

For instance, we interviewed Gaijin Games, the creators of Bit.Trip CORE–which is releasing today at noon on WiiWare–on Friday (in case you missed it while stuffing yourself full of beer and burgers, here’s the link). Later today we will also be publishing an interview with Bplus, the developers of Bit Boy, which released in Europe on Friday, and should be coming to North America soon. We’ve also had a few pieces of equipment sent to us for review, so you should see our thoughts on Splitfish’s FragFX controller soon, as well as on TeknoCreations’ protective case/battery backup DSi case.

We’ll have reviews of some recent titles soon too, despite the infrequent releases. The Bigs 2 is coming out on multiple systems, and we’ll have a review for you arcade baseball lovers soon after it’s out. The newest Harry Potter also came out recently, and we’ll have reviews of that on multiple consoles. The first episode of the Tales of Monkey Island remake is out this week too, and we have been hard at working checking that out for you. Battlefield 1943 is releasing for XBLA and PSN this week.‚  The aforementioned Bit.Trip CORE will be reviewed, and we’ll also finish catching up on June’s very busy release schedule. Don’t forget that later this month, fresh off of the E3 insanity, we will be heading to San Diego Comic Con to get you even more hands-on previews and news from developers and publishers. It’s a good way to get a head start on your holiday purchasing plans, especially since it’s looking like yet another loaded winter for gamers.

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Marc Normandin was gaming editor of Blast from 2008 to mid-2010. You can reach him via e-mail at [email protected], or follow him on Twitter @Marc_Normandin

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