This is the second part of a two-part interview with actress Mimi Michaels. Check out the first part where we talk about her upcoming film “Gamer” and working with Gerard Butler here.

Some people are just sweet. That’s actress Mimi Michaels: she’s sweet, she’s smart, she’s quirky, she’s cute… and she has a penchant for running around terrified in horror flicks. Recently Blast got to shoot the breeze with Mimi about her upcoming project, the TV miniseries “Meteor: Path to Destruction.” But first we had to talk scary.

BLAST: You’ve been in a lot of sci-fi and horror movies”"”Backwoods,” “Shark Swarm,” “30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust””"what do you like about working on thrillers like that?

MIMI MICHAELS: I wasn’t drawn to horror to begin with. I like working on drama and I love the dark stuff, but somehow I was booking all these dark horror genres, and I guess I just work well in horror. I like the intensity, and the psychological aspect. With “Boogeyman 3” it was much more than just your typical horror movie. It had to do with the complexity of the human psyche. I looked deeper and didn’t just see it as a horror, one-dimensional thing. Plus, I like to run around and scream.

BLAST: Do you like getting scared? Would you go out and see a horror flick on your day off?

MM: It probably wouldn’t be my first choice. It’s tough for me to get scared, so when it does happen I’m actually quite exhilarated by it. When it can really move me like that… it’s fun.

BLAST: Have you ever been scared by a movie that you were in?

MM: We shot “Boogeyman” in Bulgaria during the wintertime. It was very dark and eerie, and there were moments where I felt a little trepidation. It wasn’t necessarily when we were on set, but I felt a little fearful… for my life!

BLAST: But you’re not just the horror movie girl. You played Aimee Semple McPherson in a biopic. Was playing an evangelical preacher anything like your experiences in horror movies?

MM: That was my first feature when I moved out to LA and it was a really incredible experience. It was a real meaty character. I played a pretty wide range in her ages, from about 15 to in her 40s. That was also difficult, and I was young too so I was still learning the ropes. She had such an interesting, compelling life, and I felt lucky that I got to just become her. It was very dramatic, kind of a roller coaster ride.

BLAST: Tell me a little about the role you play in the upcoming “Meteor: Path to Destruction.”

MM: I play Jenny Crowe, the daughter of this cop, and he has a feud going on with another good cop gone bad. Basically they have this confrontation, things get ugly, and Michael Rooker’s character Calvin Stark kidnaps me. Actually, I’ve been kidnapped several times in movie contracts. While this is happening as the subplot, meteors are beginning to shower down on earth, and it’s an apocalyptic, world-coming-to-an-end drama while there are these sort of subplot dramas going on in the midst of it. It was fun.

BLAST: We’ve all seen natural disaster movies before. What surprises can viewers expect from “Meteor” that they haven’t seen before in meteor-destroys-the-earth plots?

MM: What I like about “Meteor” is there are so many different stories going on. It feels like you’re watching several different films, but the common denominator is that the meteors are coming and the world may end as we know it. It’s about how everyone deals with this and different relationships. It’s really interesting to watch each character and their unique situation: how they cope with whatever drama is happening in their life, and how they sort of rise above it.

BLAST: So we have meteors falling from space, raining disaster on all mankind. It sounds like good quality drama and good quality sci-fi. Are you a fan of other sci-fi movies?

MM: I love sci-fi movies! In fact, I love alien movies and just “What else is out there?” But meteors are cool. My brother actually purchased a couple of asteroids. We were always into the sciences, so I definitely like sci-fi stuff.

BLAST: Here’s something I promised to ask. What’s the ideal date for Mimi Michaels?

MM: My ideal date, wow! Let me think about this one. I’d probably go the simple route: dinner, movie… maybe a walk on the beach. I know that sounds cheesy. A good first date would be a nice dinner and a movie, getting to know each other… and then maybe seeing some horror movie or sci-fi! I’m a simple gal.

Catch “Meteor: Path to Destruction” on NBC in July.

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    I saw her in that new mini series meteor and immediately remembered her from boogeyman. She’s hot i wouldn’t mind watching anything she’s in.


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