Even though this does not immediately benefit those of us in North America, a European release for Bplus’ Bit Boy is a good sign, because it means we will probably see it sooner than later. Now we know that Bit.Trip CORE will be WiiWare game #100 on Monday, but there’s no reason that Bit Boy can’t make it’s way over the pond the week after that, or at least sometime relatively soon.

If you want to check out screens of Bit Boy, we posted a boatload of media last week, including a trailer from E3. This is starting to look like a great summer for WiiWare, one that should help us through the AAA-less months ahead. The aforementioned Bit.Trip CORE is out Monday, Furry Legend and NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits should release later this summer or during the later part of the year, and additional chapters for Final Fantasy IV: The After Years are also on the way. That’s a whole lot of game at low downloadable prices. Start saving up those Nintendo Points now, because we will have reviews for all of these titles after they release, and maybe even some conversations with the developers to help you get to know the games.

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