The multiplayer only sequel to Battlefield 1942 will hit XBLA and PSN on July 8 and 9 next week, according to the game’s Twitter account (to make it even more official, a press release just dropped into my inbox as I type this). If you are a fan of Battlefield 1942, then you won’t need my recommendation to get this, but as added incentive, once the community reaches 43 million kills, a fourth map, Coral Sea, will be available to play. If everyone plays this new version at the pace I played the old one, we’ll be there the day after it releases.

You can check out my hands-on with the game, back when it was first announced before New York Comic Con in February. It felt great then, so with a few months of extra love under its belt, it should be an exciting addition to both consoles and the PC. We’ll have a review for the game next week after it hits, so be sure to look out for that.

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