The Twitter-verse is getting more and more crowded with sites that want in on a piece of the buzz. For example, there are six URL shorteners supported by TweetDeck alone “" this and URL shorteners are still of arguably questionable value. Who knows how many Twitter clients are available on the App Store. Likewise, we count four services that will tweet a link to a picture. Well, now there’s one more “" but this one’s a heavyweight.


Where to click to tweet an image from Flickr.

Flickr is the Internet’s single biggest photo destination. More users upload, comment on, and download pictures from Flickr than anywhere else. It would make sense that many these highly connected, technologically forward thinking individuals would love to tweet their photos. But until now, their Twitter and Flickr photo services were worlds apart.

Last night, Flickr flicked the switch on their own photo tweeting service, Now users can click “blog this” anywhere on Flickr, type in their tweet “" keeping it under 114 characters so the picture URL fits “" and Flickr will post to Twitter for them, complete with its own special shortened URL, like this one on our Twitter. (By the way, you are following us, right? Good.)


Our first pic.

Likewise, mobile users can email the photo to their own special email address, putting their tweet in the subject line of the email. Flickr, long the king of publishing APIs, has also published one for this service, meaning it’s very likely you could see integration in all of your third-party Twitter applications.

Of course, if you’re still scratching your head and thinking “what’s the point of Twitter anyway?” this is likely of little value to you and you probably already stopped reading. But for those still with us, Twitter could see a second Oprah-like rush of users join from Flickr, which is only a good thing for everyone else using these services.

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