Harmonix today announced four new tunes for downloadable purchase in the Rock Band Unplugged Music Store with great variety and jam-packed full of win.

In case you didn’t know, Rock Band Unplugged is the peripheral-free little brother to Rock Band, and is played in the comfort of your hands, on your PlayStation Portable.

It’s a truly fun experience, I won’t lie, and the ability to download and play more and more tunes, a recipe Harmonix knows works, is just another reason you’ll keep on playing the title.

And without further delay, these are your tunes, available for purchase right now either in the Unplugged Music Store on your PSP, or on your PC. You’ll just need to transfer them to the game if you go with the latter option.

Avenged Sevenfold “" “Afterlife”

Stone Temple Pilots “" “Sex Type Thing”

Motley Crue “" “Dr. Feel Good”

Dream Theater “" “Constant Motion”

All tracks are master recordings and are available today to download for $1.99 a pop. Enjoy!

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