SAN DIEGO — Fred Travalena, a Las Vegas showman and impressionist, died after a long battle with cancer in Encino, Calif. Monday morning.

A master artist, Travalena became known throughout his field as “The Man of a Thousand Faces.” He entered Las Vegas in 1971 and has sported impressions of people from Frank Sinatra to Jack Nicholson for more than three decades.

This is yet another entertainment personality to have passed away this week. Incidentally, he made brief appearances on The Tonight Show with host Johnny Carson in the early 80s. Mr. Travalena was 66.

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  1. Antonio Di Giovanni

    Mr. Trevalena was an incredible man. I was blessed to meet him on several occasions, and especially chat up a storm after at theater production of “Victor/Victoria” in New York almost twenty years ago now. He was sweet as pie, and although I don’t like being photographed, you couldn’t help but look great standing next to “Fred.” He was such an incredible talent and in five minutes could change characters at least twenty times. I am just sorry that the “younger generation” may not have had the pleasure of know what an incredibly talented man he was and I will forever regret that. My sincere condolences always. We will insure that your memory is never forgotten on our web site and especially after your battle with the very culprit we are so desperately trying to defeat. God bless you always. Tony


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