This week’s digital download gives us three new WiiWare titles and one game a piece for Virtual Console and DSiWare. First we have Water Warfare, Hudson’s second first-person shooter on the WiiWare service, though this time rather than alien worlds you are hanging out at the playground and beach. The concept is intriguing, and the game includes quite a few modes (single player, split-screen, and CPU match) for 800 points. Natsume releases Reel Fishing Challenge for 500 points, so for those of you that want to virtually fish but don’t want to shell out for a retail release, you have found your solution. Last on WiiWare is Silver Star Reversi, which is also called Othello by some, and is often found in board game form.

Next up is the Master System sequel to Fantasy Zone, Fantasy Zone II. There are a ton of shoot-em-ups to choose from on Virtual Console, but if you prefer yours to be sugary sweet and as colorful as the rainbow, then Fantasy Zone is where you want to be.

DSiWare gets Sudoku this week for 500 points, with 150 puzzles for both experts and beginners. It certainly qualifies as the perfect pocket time waster, especially at that price. Check the next page for the official release and more info on each title. Downloading anything this week? Or waiting for WiiWare title #100?

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