Starting with games we reviewed in June, Blast is going to bring you “Editor’s Choice” awards. For now, we will pick one game for each system–either retail or downloadable–and give it the distinction of being the best purchase you can make all month. That may change as the release schedule fattens up and more and more AAA titles come out at once, but for now, we’re in the summer, where there are fewer releases overall. The Editor’s Choice logo will be inserted into reviews at the end of the month, and will look like this (though much smaller):

The one question I have for you, the readers, is whether we should make a distinction between downloadable titles and retail games. Would you prefer to see them rated separately? Is together fine? Let us know in the comments or via e-mail.


Ghostbusters: The Video Game: “Ghostbusters: The Video Game is a lot of fun to play. The gameplay is tight, wrangling ghosts is satisfying, and listening to Bill Murray and company play their beloved characters once again”"and so effectively”"made me smile more often than not. Red Fly Studios did the game a favor by recognizing the Wii’s strengths and playing to them, and for that, you should thank them. Grab a friend, plug in two Nunchuks, and get to work saving New York City once again.”


Mighty Flip Champs!: “Wayforward took a traditional genre in puzzle platformers and added an innovative mechanic to it with the dual-screen flipping, and ended up coming out with Mighty Flip Champs!, a special game that all DSi owners should try their hand at. The title is challenging, lengthy, well polished, and a total blast to play, even when it starts to fry your brain. Highly recommended.”


inFAMOUS: “inFAMOUS is far from perfect, but that doesn’t stop it from, at times, being a masterpiece sandbox game that will have you coming back for more, regardless of its problems. The good far outweighs the bad, but it’s the perfect candidate for a much improved sequel. What inFAMOUS does well is give you a fun game that will last longer than many titles, even if you just play through once; you’ll want to play it more than once though, given the amount of things you can do as you save or enslave Empire City.”

Xbox 360

Red Faction Guerilla: Wait, what’s this? We don’t have a review up for this game yet? No worries, it will be here before month’s end. Just trust us when we say we love it. That’s why it’s here!

Windows PC

Wallace & Gromit: Muzzled!: “Overall, Telltale has yet again told the tale of excellence in every facet of game design. From dynamic and alluring storytelling buffed by memorable characters, to the authentic feel of the familiar claymation style presentation, Muzzled! succeeds so very well.”

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