The way video games are cinematically scripted and executed these days, coupled with our growing love for the medium, makes a corresponding major motion picture a very attractive risk for movie houses. Well, today the Hollywood Reporter is stating that Columbia Pictures has signed on to bring the award winning story of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune to the big screen.

Kyle Ward, the man responsible for the Hitman flick and the Kane and Lynch film in development, is currently building the script, but all we know now is that it’s moving ahead. How? Not so sure.

The PS3 exclusive from developer Naughty Dog was a smashing success; with jungle-themed action, emotional weight of the main character Nathan Drake, and the fact that today it lives on as a “must have” for new PlayStation 3 gamers, how could it not be?

No word on who will play Nathan Drake, or anyone else in the game for that matter, but why not speculate?

Let us know who you’d think would make a great jungle adventurer.

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