The Nintendo Channel on Wii runs some pretty nifty celebrity videos on occasion, and one of their most recent efforts is no different, as they pick four professional poker players and sit them down to play a game of poker like no other: the one found within Excitebots: Trick Racing. Gavin Smith, Eric Lindgren, Daniel Negreanu, and Evelyn Ng all grabbed a wheel and played poker while driving at high speeds (which by the way, makes absolutely no sense unless you’ve played Excitebots or watched this video).

Nintendo is continuing the marketing push for a game that hasn’t sold very well.It’s a shame too, because the game is a great entry in the Excite racing series, and one of the better releases of the year. Look no further than our review for proof of its glory. Honestly people, why haven’t you bought Excitebots yet? What do you have against fun?

Hat tip to Kotaku, where I first saw this video.

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