Sumthing Else Music Works, the guys who bring you all things video game music today announced that the epic score from SEGA’s Empire: Total War will be available for download on iTunes and in the Sumthing Digital online store beginning June 30.

The original score was composed by Richard Beddow, Richard Birdsall, Walter Nair, Simon Ravn and was performed by the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra, and if you’ve played‚  the game, or at least experienced it a little, you’ll know how dynamic the soundtrack really is.

“Undertaking the challenge of the music production for Empire: Total War was no simple task,” said composer Richard Beddow. “The game needed music to convey its size and breadth, covering the various countries at war, delicately accompanying campaign gameplay and underpinning the various cinematics and events in the game.”

Head on over to the Sumthing Digital Music Store for more on this soundtrack and all SD has to offer.

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