Well maybe you won’t meet Sascha Baron Cohen, the man behind both ostentatious personalities, but at least see “Bruno” before everyone else does.

Blast has 25 passes to give away to registered users who leave comments on this post (to avoid spammers, users MUST BE REGISTERED to receive a pass).

Universal has some heavy restrictions on the July 7 Boston screening: no one under 17 will be admitted, IDs must be presented at the door and no cell phones, cameras or recording devices will be allowed into the theater (they’ll be checked and held at the door to be picked up when viewers exit the film).

Passes are first come first served so make sure you arrive 30 minutes to an hour early to ensure your seating.

But hey, to see Cohen wreak havoc on the world (again) is worth it, right?

“Bruno” comes out July 10.

Comment below if you would like a free pre-screening pass to see “Bruno”!

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Terri Schwartz was a Blast Contributing Editor from 2008-2009.

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  1. daveshere

    hey, sorry. I’m not spamming, I just realized I wasn’t signed in on my registered account.

  2. Rob Rogers

    Ive been looking forward to seeing this ever since I heard about a few months ago, I know its gonna be funny.

    I’ll have a pair, please…

  3. Michelle Cirioni

    I hope this is as funny as Borat..I can use a good laugh!

  4. Carlos

    Been a Borat fan since the movie came out. Me and my mom went to see it, once the movie started we were wide-mouth-open. We loved it. I hope I love Bruno as much as Borat.

  5. lisaw

    hi there, i would kindly request a pair of tickets as i love sasha cohen and his movies! thanks so much!! it’s greatly appreciated!!

  6. jrtbarber

    I would love a pair of passes, and cant wait for this movie. I wonder if the screening will have the scene about michael jackson deleted.

  7. teatimecrumpet

    Could I get one of those passes please?

    and is it like the usual passes that allow two people in?


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