One of the WiiWare titles I am most looking forward to–and that’s in a summer loaded with them–is Over The Top Games’ NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits. Earlier this week, you may have known this game as Icarian: Kindred Spirits, but a namechange was enforced due to some issues (and no, it’s not because of Nintendo and Kid Icarus, you can even check their official Twitter account for proof of that). Nyx is the protagonist, so the new title makes sense in that regard, but even if you were fond of the old name, what you should care about are these delightful screens I have included below. The game is a platformer that looks to make use of the IR functions of the Wii Remote, sort of like LostWinds did when the service debuted. Also like LostWinds, it’s clear that the developers were dedicated to their project, and have come up with something that looks amazing on Nintendo’s little white box. The Wii can do stylized, and in the right hands you can get some serious visual beauty out of it.

I love the scale of Nyx against the impressive backgrounds. It helps add to the idea that what you are looking at is epic, especially when you see the size of the boss you face in the trailer. This combination of 2D movement with 3D backgrounds helps create some wonderful aesthetics, ones you can see even when the game isn’t in motion.

The game recently released in Europe, so here’s hoping that it will be here shortly. We’ll have more info for you either here or in our news section when as it releases. Be sure to check out the trailer at the game’s official website.

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