I have a confession to make: we never reviewed Bit.Trip BEAT when it released a few months ago, and it’s one of those things I keep kicking myself for. The game is one of my top 10 on the WiiWare service, if not better than that, and when I heard that there was going to be a series of these Bit.Trip games, I got just about as excited as when I heard the same thing about the Art Style games. The two series have a few things in common: they are minimalist in a way, but that doesn’t mean they skate around the things that help make a game complete. The music in the first was some excellent retro stuff that sounded even better if you were good at the game, and the visuals were ripped straight out of another era, but in a way that makes retro junkies like me smile. That’s on top of gameplay that was both‚  accessible to casual gamers and a challenge to your core crowd, all at at the same time.

That’s why I’m pleased to let you know that the second installment, Bit.Trip CORE, is going to be the 100th release on WiiWare on July 6. Start saving up those Nintendo Points, because if it’s anywhere near as fun as the first, you won’t regret your purchase. Check out some screens straight from the official site below, as well as a trailer for your viewing pleasure.

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