Ladies and Gentlemen of Boston: we have officially arrived at the future. How do we know? This is how:


Yes, that is indeed a Dunkin’ Donuts iPhone app (iTunes). We know, we know, it’s almost too good to be true. But wait, it gets better. You don’t even need an iPhone to take advantage of it. Here’s how it works.

You’ve been elected by the office to make the run to DD”"you are the runner. You send out an invite. Everyone submits their order to you via iPhone or the web interface at Everyone’s order shows up on your phone. You place the order at DD. You deliver the goods. Everyone loves you.




The online menu and app are both very slick and really easy to use. The app will even use those newfangled push notifications to remind you that you signed up to go on the run (heaven forbid that it’s your fault no one has their morning coffee) or to notify everyone else when you return from the run”"maybe not what the execs at Apple had in mind when they developed push notifications, but a creative use nonetheless.

We can’t wait to try this one out in the office this week. If we weren’t the Alpha Geek of the office before, we certainly will be now.

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