Three WiiWare games and a DSiWare title hit the service this week, plus a Virtual Console title that many of us may have forgotten about. Drill Sergeant Mindstrong and Family Mini Golf are family party games, with the former giving us the most family-friendly bootcamp I can imagine. Something tells me R. Lee Ermey is not in this game. There’s always room in the sequel though.

NEVES Plus hooked me with its description just by saying it was a hit puzzle in Japan. Plus, there are 500 puzzles for $6, which is pretty good value for you puzzle lovers out there. DSiWare gives us another Art Style entry with Boxlife, and though I have no idea what this game wants me to do from the description besides cut paper, I know that I need to play it to see what other neat concept Skip has fleshed out in their wonderful series.

Last, we have SimEarth for TurboGrafx. I used to play this on the SNES, but I had no idea what I was doing, which is a bad thing pre-Internet and sans instructions. I just know I made a whole lot of bacteria happy in a really big ocean. Maybe I’ll have better luck now that I’m older, but chances are good I’ll still accidentally end all life on the planet.

The actual press descriptions are after the jump. Looking to download something this week? Let us know, as we may just have a review or two for you in the coming week.

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