The new free-to-play game Hover Kart Racing, created by OMGPOP, has become a huge hit in just a short amount of time. This little on-line racing game has not been live for even a month, yet has already logged about twenty-three thousand hours of gameplay!

Hover Kart isn’t a type of game where you would sit down with the goal of “clearing content” or blasting away enemies in a deathmatch-style event. Instead, it just so happens to be the perfect time killer . . . and is rather addicting. Old fans of Maria Kart will love this game “" it is essentially the free, online version of some SNES style tracks.

Gameplay is identical to Kart, though with different inputs: you control your little racer via the standard WASD or arrow keys and have the ability to jump and use special items you collect. During races you try to drive over little squares that randomly select a bonus item you can use, ranging from speed boosts to landmines and hover missiles (banana peels and turtle shells anyone?).

Whether you are racing NPCs or other people just like you, you gain points for doing well and winning races, eventually gaining levels and medals!

Hover Kart also offers a Shop which allows you to spend “coins” to get new types of drivers, karts, and various types of improvements to enhance gameplay. However, these little bonuses have a limited duration and you are only given set amount of coins to begin with. Once your coin supply starts dwindling you do have that option to pay real cash for more (very common amongst F2P games). This is not required of course, so you can be a casual Hover Kart player or a total fanatic who spends some extra cash to deck out their kart.

Though not graphically stunning in the least bit, Hover Kart does achieve its goal “" it keeps you entertained when you are bored, then hooks you into keep playing. So next time you find yourself sitting around home (or work!) with a bit of spare time, definitely give Hover Kart a go.

I dare you to try and log off within 10 minutes.

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