Rockstar dropped us a line to let us know that Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is making its way to the PSP later this year as both a digital download and retail release. They are promising some new missions, enhanced visuals and (obviously) some different gameplay, and we’ll have more details for you as they come out.

Chinatown Wars is one of the highest-rated handheld games ever, one of the highest rated on the DS, and also the owner of the highest score I have given out during my time here at Blast (we know which one of those things carries the most weight, of course). I’m curious as to how they aim to improve the experience, or replicate it, given how very DS-centric it was, but given what they accomplished with the initial version, I’m not about to doubt their ability do so. Read on for more details, straight from Rockstar.

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  1. quana

    I love playing Grand Theft Auto in yell should put more vinlisent n it for it can be more fun. That is why people do not by it some time they are whren about other game’s that got more vinlistece


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