So if you’re like me and have had one helluva long, tiring week and are burnt out from the weight of it all, the weekend is here to widen your smile and gladden your soul.

Me? I’ll be finally completing Gears of War 2 and crafting a review of Grand Slam Tennis along with the inevitable hours of Halo 3 I log almost unknowingly.

Coupled with the gaming is this weekend’s U.S. Open at Bethpage Black in New York. Tiger isn’t looking great, really at all, so it looks like the field is WIDE open.

So you know I’m having my kind of fun this weekend, what about YOU!?

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  1. Stephen Greenwell

    I’m doing a review of that Sigil game for the DS, and probably going to do a blog post on here about Guitar Hero, and also a post for my personal blog. Who said the weekends are for rest? 😉


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