Need For Speed is one of Electronic Arts’ most famed franchises, and rightly so, as for years and years, EA would deliver a new and exciting installment and fans ran for their wallets to seize up copies.


Fast forward to present day, and with lackluster sales and reviews surrounding Undercover most notably, the series was in dire need of a refresher.


Enter Need For Speed: Shift, the latest from developer Slightly Mad Studios. Hailing from London, this development studio, with members pieced together from the team responsible for GTR 1 and 2, is clearly up to the task, but with such high hopes placed upon their shoulders can they succeed?


Shift is going for broke for ultimate realism and immersion with a first-person cockpit camera view and an all new crash mechanic and you’d do well to take a look at these downright sexy screens and videos we’ve included to really get a sense of the whole “this is a brand new intellectual property” idea Electronic Arts is throwing our way. Check out the two trailers EA sent our way below, and let us know what you think.


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