2. Goldeneye 007 (Nintendo 64)

goldeneye screen

While never my favorite Rareware shooter–that honor goes to Perfect Dark–Goldeneye showed us what was possible on a console with tight controls, four player multiplayer on the then innovative Nintendo 64 (no multitap necessary here, folks) and a storyline that somehow managed to go hand-in-hand with its movie without coming off as nonsensical or awful. Even today, with far more refined shooters on the market, people who played it back in the 90s want to see it come to either Virtual Console or Xbox Live Arcade. Maybe with a 1080p version of Perfect Dark that runs at a locked 60 frames per second, people will realize that Rareware’s second go of it on the N64 was actually better due to fantastic weaponry and an incredibly deep multiplayer experience that included bots. They are going to have to, since the legal hurdles for Goldeneye 007 reaching either service are too imposing and difficult to vault at present.

I loved Goldeneye, but I was never as good at it as I wanted to be. It’s probably because I didn’t own it, but just played it at all of my friend’s houses. Once I got Perfect Dark, we all switched over, but would play very often on the Goldeneye levels included in PD. I would love to see the game return to either of those digital distributors, though at least with XBLA the chance of seeing online play would increase.

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  1. Eddie Makuch

    awesome list! loving the Star Wars love. Personally I loved the Simpons games. I know they had some uber flaws at times, but with 100% authentic voice acting, even in today’s games, jeeze that’s a feat in itself.

    I would have put Goldeneye as #1, but only because I played that game religiously in my youth. Before school, every morning for years, honestly. The varying levels of difficulty, the FREAKIN’ sweet multiplayer that is today a point of reference for all multiplayer enabled titles, the classic and awesome weapons, and the total bad-assery of the level design. I mean really, how can it not be on XBLA, or the VC yet?? I would buy a copy for myself, and for anyone who hasn’t played it!!! Also, somehow enable it to be online multiplayer? and I promise you, you’d have millions of gamers playing a 10 year old game over the internets!.

  2. herc

    man you should have herucles action game for ps1 on here it was great!
    and it followed the movies story to the teeth!!


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