lohan11As if Lindsay Lohan doesn’t have enough problems already, she’s now going to be questioned about a $400,000 jewel heist.

Lohan was the last person seen wearing the expensive Dior collection at a photo shoot for Elle magazine on June 6 in the U.K., People magazine reported today. Scotland Yard is investigating a number of people involved, but no other names have been released. Lohan’s rep told People that everyone is in fact being investigated, from the stylists to the photographers.

A spokeswoman for Elle U.K. released a statement saying, “I can confirm on behalf of Elle magazine, that items of jewelry went missing from an Elle photoshoot … and the matter is now being investigated by the police. Elle has no reason to believe that Lindsay Lohan was in any way responsible and has no further comment to make.”

So far, investigating Lohan seems to be a precaution. After all, why would someone so wealthy need to steal? Hopefully, Lindsay isn’t the next Winona.

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