…you combine a living, walking toaster with the abilities of a samurai? According to Semnat Studios, you get a four-player, sidescrolling shooter with a unique art style. The title just released on Nintendo’s WiiWare service moments ago, and though we will have a review for you later this week, for now you will have to settle for some screenshots, as well as some info on the game, straight from the creator’s themselves (taken from Semnat Studios official website):

Bullet-points thing:

– drop-in co-op for 1-4 players

– 13 unique levels

– incredible funness

– choose your difficulty and no. of lives to customize the right experience for you, whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer

– insane action that will give you tears of joy. no longer will your tears taste like sad

– upon purchase of the game, overwhelming pride in knowing that you’re helping the little guy

I’m so glad my tears of sad will now become tears of joy. And to think, that kind of life-altering experience can be yours for just $8. It also helps that the developers are on the record saying Gunstar Heroes and Metal Slug are their major influences. I like when the people making games have wonderful taste in them to boot.

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