This week the Nintendo Download, Nintendo’s hot spot for digital downloads adds six new titles for gamers to download and enjoy.

Offerings this week are varied to say the least as a Samurai toaster named Eduardo, rainbow islands, a clock and calculator and a few more hit WiiWare, The Virtual Console and DSiWare today. No need to fret however, as we’ll explain each title with a tad more detail below.


Mario Calculator (200 DSi Points) is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. A calculator for your DSi.‚  But why do you need one? Maybe tallying high scores? With its built in memory function, 13 digit display, a unit converter, and the familiar Mario coin pileup noise we’ve grown to love, sure, it could be useful.

Mario Clock (200 DSi Points) is a fully functional digital and analog, alarm programmable, and sound-recordable buffed application that also has, what sounds like, a very light coin collection mini mini mini game that has Mario and Luigi doing what they do best, collecting those gold pieces!


Eduardo the Samurai Toaster (800 Wii Points, 1-4 players) is the most crazy awesome sounding game maybe I’ve ever heard. In this side-scrolling action-game you’ll play as Eduardo alongside fellow appliance brothers and you’ll shoot various pastries at enemy food products. Yes, you heard that right, but there’s more. You’ll hop onto laser mounted scooters and take the excitement to an even zanier level.‚  Stay tuned for our review.

Rainbow Island: Towering Adventure (800 Wii Points, 1-2 players) has players scaling colorful bows of rain (rainbows) to reach the heavens while defeating colorful enemies. The three gameplay modes are Story, Challenge, and Time Attack, all of which offering a different take on the game.

Let’s Catch (1,000 Wii Points, 1-4 players) is the next in the “Let’s X” series and will serve you well if your dad never threw the ball around with you when you were young. Use your Mii and toss the ball around in six unique single and multiplayer modes including Speed Catch and Bomb Catch. I cannot wait to play the latter as it’s basically hot potato, but you die.

And finally on the Virtual Console-

Space Harrier (800 Wii Points, 1 player) is the same SEGA game you remember from back in the day (which according to Dane Cook, was a Wednesday) and has all the fantasy, guns, and narrator statement of “you’re doing great” you’ll remember as you play as the Space Harrier throughout the 3D world blasting enemies to bits.

Every title will hit their respective download location beginning at 12 noon.

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