Today in ‘keep it in your pants’ news, we’re pleased (very much so) to let you know nerdgastic TV icon Olivia Munn is Playboy’s next cover girl.‚  She’s never licked a PSP like Ms. Chobot, is bucking the trend and not appearing nude in the issue, and her inclusion will likely stir gamers everywhere from their caves and send them flocking to stores to pick up the magazine (for the stories of course).

Jessica Chobot of IGN and her PSP

Jessica Chobot of IGN and her PSP

Have a look at the video below, which first appeared on G4 and teases (in every sense of the word) Munn’s appearance in the issue with a behind the scenes look at her photoshoot.

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  1. Stephen Greenwell

    First, I have no idea who Jessica Chobot is, but I would love to know her now.

    And second, Olivia Munn was on Loveline for a week about two or three weeks ago, and it was racy and offensive and awesome. Copies of it are out on the Interwebz, and I highly recommend any Olivia fans check it out.

  2. John Guilfoil

    I know Jessica Chobot, and she’s gorgeous but moreso she’s wicked cool.

    And Olivia’s Loveline episodes are priceless!

    Overall — just goes to show that journalists are hot.


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