penguindriveWe probably have something like seventeen flash drives sitting around our desk and office, but most of them were vendor freebies and ones we’ve stolen from other coworkers (sorry about that Fred! We’ll give it back, promise). But now, Active Media Products is releasing a series of flash drives that actually benefit the world around you when you purchase them “" and they look like penguins!

Every time you purchase yourself a little tuxedoed flash drive, Active Media Products will donate 5% of your purchase to the World Wildlife Fund. They’ve also promised to make a minimum $25,000 donation no matter what; pretty solid, if we say so ourselves.

The materials that make the flash drive are PCV, lead, and mercury free, so they’re eco-friendly, too. The drives range in size from 2GB to 16GB for $12.95 to $42.95, which means it won’t break your bank to help your conscience. The drives are available now at most retailers and online.

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