Selections from female-fronted music act Evanescene and parody-heavy metal band Spinal Tap rock their way onto the Rock Band Music Store next week hoping you’ll take up arms (plastic instruments) to slay the mighty beasts.

The band Evanescence, who get their name from the Latin word evanesco (to dissapear) arrive on the scene with “Weight of the World,” “Call Me When You’re Sober,” and most importantly, their largest hit “Bring Me To Life.”‚  How I’ve been enjoying Rock Band thus far without the chart-topper, I know not.

Spinal Tap on the other hand, graces the music game with tunes including “Saucy Jack,” “Back From The Dead,” “Rock N’ Roll Nightmare,” and “Warmer Than Hell.”

Dependent on your digital currency of choice, each track will set you back $1.99 or 160 MS Points individually, or, for the wholesome gamer, $5.49/440 MS Points or$6.99/560 MS Points will buy you the Evanescene and Spinal Tap track packs respectively.

Phew, just checked, and have 320 MS Points saved up. Consider them SPENT on “Call me When You’re Sober” and “Bring Me to Life”!!!

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