2131Country music’s favorite teenaged sweetheart has recently changed her tune, according to JustJared.com.

Taylor Swift’s fans would be surprised to find that Swift was rehearsing Tuesday night for the CMT Music Awards with none other than rapper T-Pain. ‚ In fact, 19-year old Swift tweeted to her fans, “If I said I was in the studio with T-Pain, would you believe me?”

Well, believe it, country fans. ‚ It’s‚ still a mystery as to what the two stars are going to sing together, but according to the MTVNewsroom, the duet is set to take place during the show’s opening segment. ‚ For now, fans will just have to be satisfied with the photos taken during the rehearsal, showing the cheery blonde Swift weighed down with chains and bling, giving us her best Zoolander face and throwing up gangster signs next to T-Pain.

Swift recently said that she would like to do a duet with rapper Lil’ Wayne, comparing it to the duet between Nelly and presumably her favorite artist, Tim McGraw.

“That would be awesome,” she said. ‚ “I’d love to sing one of his hooks.”

The CMT Music Awards air this Tuesday at 8PM on CMT.

Photo: RyanSeacrest.com

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  1. nikki

    Well this should really be interesting, Tim McGraw didn’t exactly go all bling bling when and what he did was still Tim all the way. He was always wearing his cowboy hat, he drove his own vehicle while Nelly drove in his, they then showed the two of them each with photos of their ladies, Tim ofcourse had a photo of Faith by his bed, also on his visor, he then stopped for gas and signed autographs for a couple then they ended it with each getting on their planes going in opposite directions. I liked it because he stayed true to himself. I am not certain of what Taylor is doing, she is a very talented young girl, however rap doesn’t go with country, I hope that isn’t what she is doing, and if it is I don’t think even her youngest fans will follow her there, we are still country, I have never been a fan of rap, I tried but it just isn’t something I can enjoy. I wish her luck and I’ll wait and see what it sounds like as perhaps I will be surprised.

  2. Dakota Starring

    I look up to Taylor so if she is going gangster than i guess i am. She is one of my favorite country singer, but now she cant be my fav country singer because shes not a country singer any more, so…

  3. taylor swift

    oh my god.! Taylor Swift.!!
    I Love Her.!
    Were Sisterssss..!!
    I Just Know We Aree.!!
    maaaaan_ she lOOks soooo qanqstaaaaa wid
    & I Bought Himm That Big Ass Chain.!!
    Oh My qOd Now That I Seen This Picture Im
    Going tOO rOck Out wid My Cock Out.!! whhOOO..!!!!!



    • taylor swift hater.!

      Oh My God yOu Are Not taylOr swift.!
      Your such a liar.!!
      I hate Taylor swift.!
      She Doesnt Evenn knOw how tOO sing.!!!
      Eff Youu.!!!!!
      && Thats Why Ma Niqqa Kanye West Kicked Her Off The Stage.!
      && Im Going to Rock Out wid my CLam out.!



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