Electronic Arts and Mythic Entertainment, publisher and developer of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning respectively, announced and detailed the final Call to Arms Live expansion for the ambitious MMO today.

Beginning next Tuesday, June 16 and running straight through to the June 22 players of both the Order and Destruction realm factions can take part in the concluding event “Rise of the Tomb Kings.”

But why wage war without copious amounts of booty and renown? I wouldn’t either. And the winning realm in WAR will gain access to the Tomb Kings dungeon zone and will first be able to reap the glorious benefits of such triumph. Furthermore, exclusive titles including Sky Captain for players of Order, and Master of the Air for Destruction as well as the rare as rare candy Ravening Cloak item drop awaits a lucky participant only during the event.

I have played Warhammer Online in a very limited manner, but these live events seem to be alluring, even as a non-player. Do any of YOU play WAR? And if so, have you been enjoying these monthly refreshers?

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