I am a huge Seth Rogen fan. And I love Jay Baruchel in just about everything he’s been in. So I am baffled by how I missed “Jay and Seth Vs. The Apocalypse,” a “trailer” for a film Rogen and Baruchel want to make that has been on YouTube for over two years.

Turns out the dynamic duo and “Superbad” co-mastermind Evan Goldberg came up with that short to promote interest for a feature film — a promotion that ended up paying off last January when Mandate Pictures secured the rights to make the movie. Making buzz about a film that hasn’t been made to get it rolling towards production is a tactic that is being used often nowadays it seems, as it is the same thing Jason Bateman did while on tour for “Juno” to get the “Arrested Development” movie to begin development.

The MTV Movies Blog talked to Baruchel about what was taking the film so long to reach the big screen: turns out “The Green Hornet” and a possible hockey movie called “Goon” are standing in the way of production.

“They’re working on the [‘Jay and Seth’] script right now” Baruchel told MTV. “All the concepts are there, all the beats are there, the treatment is there and a movie with us in it”"we’ll improvise half the thing anyway, so it doesn’t matter.”

He said the film will at least happen in the next year and a half “for sure.”

How awesome is it that Rogen, Baruchel and Goldberg got a film to be made based on buzz alone? Did you miss this YouTube hit just like we did? Let us know below!

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    No way, type in seth rogen or jay baruchel on youtube and there it is


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