Rock Band developer Harmonix today revealed that famed punk-rockers Green Day will finally arrive onto the music/rhythm scene with three selections from the groups’ latest endeavor “21st Century Breakdown.”

The trio, whose name originates from the idea that skipping school and smoking pot is really all you need (hence the “green day”) first stirred up rumors of a Rock Band release earlier this week when lead singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong eluded to their arrival in Rock Band in some capacity on the KROQ radio morning show.

On July 7 “Know Your Enemy,” “21 Guns,” and “East Jesus Nowhere” will hit the Rock Band Music Store priced at the typical clip. However, Harmonix promises “additional Green Day songs and projects will be announced at a later date.”

So if you’re like me and enjoyed Green Day much better when they were on drugs in the 90’s, fear not for more tunes, and possibly a full Green Day-inspired game is on the way to quell your stomach’s rumbling for punk-rock.

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