Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes today unleashed an interactive, rich, sonorous, and beautiful website for the impending Risen role-playing-game due out later this year on Xbox 360 and PC.

The website is a mini-game (but not in the Wii sense of the phrase) in itself as you’re given choices of directional travel and, as you’ll quickly learn, the island you’ve been so unfortunately washed onto is not a pleasant place.

Risen is an ambitious project, and one that developer Piranha Bytes has been tirelessly designing for the past 2.5 years.‚  The game, from the words of early previews, is ambitious, full of moral objectivity, ghastly creatures, rich storytelling, and all takes place in the confines of a Mediterranean island during the Middle Ages in a sort of Fable-esque art style.

Have a look at the new website here, and enjoy the glorious trailer for the title below.

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