In what looks to be an effort to rid the backrooms of GameStop of‚  heavy Guitar Hero/Rock Band stock in preparation for the onslaught of new music titles on the way, the mega-retailer is holding a “music blowout sale” on all things faux-guitar inspired.

We aren’t talking about your normal, everyday $5 off a used game here, we’re talking massive savings.


How about the Rock Band 2 SE bundle for PS3/Xbox 360 for $94.99 with FREE 3-day shipping. Sound good? Great because if Guitar Hero is your fancy, the World Tour bundle is available at the same price point.

As far as older games and bundles are concerned, Guitar Hero 3, and Aerosmith with Les Paul (happy 94th birthday yesterday) guitar will set you back only $34.99.

Grapevine Texas-based Gamestop promises that all games are brand new and in their original wrapping but their respective containing boxes may be a little rough around the edges. But hey, isn’t that a musician?

Hop on over to the GameStop deal page for full details and pricing.

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