LOS ANGELES — Nyko was the only peripheral maker at E3 last year, but they were one of like a dozen this year.

Still, they had babes, and they had gear. Here’s what Nyko brought to the expo this year:

zoomcaseDSi Zoom Case

The Zoom Case provides protection to your DSi and includes an detachable camera lens with 8x optical zoom. We’re not sure how useful the external lens is or how practical it is, but there you have it.

wii_wand_1Nyko Wand

The Nyko Wand is a Wiimote clone that works as advertised, mimicking the original remote’s actions like a perfect generic ibuprofen tablet. It also includes vibration and on-board speaker functionality.

The main differences come in the buttons, where the A, 1 and 2 buttons are enlarged for retro gaming, and the B/trigger button has a rubber grip. The Wand also comes with a padded silicone sleeve. Nyko’s Trans-Port technology also lets you map buttons to different places, which is perfect for the…

wii_perfectshot_3Perfect Shot

The Perfect Shot is already one of the best gun accessories for the Wii, but what really makes this gun shine is that you can combine it with the Nyko Wand and its Trans-Port technology. Now, you can make sure the right buttons are being used for firing and reloading, etc.

img_5005Type Pad Pro for Wii

The Type Pad Pro us as ugly as it gets, but it provides a full QWERTY keyboard that docks with your remote or the new Nyko Wand. The buttons feel like an old telephone, but are big enough to let you quickly run through it, chatting away. It’s just really big.

It also uses Nyko Trans-Port button mapping to map the A and B buttons to the keyboard. The Type Pad has a 25-foot range and requires no additional batteries.

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