Followers of “I’m a Celebrity. Get Me Out of Here.” already know Heidi and Spencer Pratt — a.k.a. Speidi “" have left the show. But now, having been starved for attention, the couple is now complaining that they were starved for food.

According to, Heidi said they were kept in a dark room for over 24 hours, with nothing to eat but water, rice and beans. One anonymous cast member even went so far as to compare the experience to being a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay. Reports also said that Heidi was taken to a hospital and diagnosed with a gastric ulcer.

On Monday night’s two-hour episode of the show, Speidi attempted a comeback, but was rejected by fellow contestants. Spencer is planning to sue NBC, but ITV Studios (producer of the show) has denied any mistreatment. Even the couple’s publicist has stated that no torture occurred, though Stephanie Pratt has said otherwise.

An inside source has also dismissed the allegations to the Los Angeles Times, saying, “They were not starved or tortured, and there were just normal bugs in there,” said the source, “They actually slept most of the time. (And) no one is holding anyone’s passport either.”

What are the odds NBC is into torturing its stars? Slim to none, really. The truly astounding thing here is that these pampered celebs would compare a reality show to being in an infamous prison. Then again, it was not long ago Spencer was telling that he is going to revolutionize hip-hop.

Given the track record, it seems safe to assume that it’s all just part of Speidi’s web of insanity. Try not to get caught.

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